Be inspired.
Be passionate.
Be yourself.

And you will always be the best version of yourself.

A short story about Inspiration and Passion.

16 years old, my Math teacher offers me to take over teaching some 6th graders two times a week. I was excited and I was scared. Will I have the necessary authority? What if I get stuck and don’t know the answer to a question? My head was full of self-doubt questions. Yet with the empowerment and encouragement of my amazing teacher, I accepted the challenge. I learned, I taught and I grew a lot. A big thanks to my passionate and inspirational teacher.

9 years later, I found my own purpose, my calling, my vision. The very first sentence reads that My purpose is to gain and spread knowledge, …

When I look back, it seems obvious. Teaching 6th graders in Math is just one of many examples that made me realise that my mission was always there. Years before I had it written down, my deep inner self had always known, what I am most passionate about.

Not just feeling it but having it carved out in words helps me to go all-in. That is why I started Lead & Inspire. To follow my purpose and through that make the world a better place. A peaceful place. For many future generations to come.

What is Lead & Inspire?

Teaching & Sharing

Leadership and Inspiration is what this is about. Leadership can be learned – yet everybody develops their own style. I write about different aspects of leadership and especially how to practice them. Take a look and let me inspire you.


Coaching is part of a transformational leadership approach. An approach that focuses on your potential. In contrast to consulting, coaching focusses entirely on the coache, her potential, her skills and her way. Let me facilitate your way.

Practice & Training

There is a popular book titled The Knowing-Doing Gap. I guess, the title says it all. We know so many things yet we lack the application of what we know is best. Dedicated practice and training is one way to bridge and close that gap.